Free Lots (Residential) – Lincoln, KS

Free lots for development in Lincoln, Kansas

The City of Lincoln is offering free residential lots to families interested in moving to the community and/or building a new home. The lots are available in a residential development (complete with streets, water, sewer, etc) within the city limits and located just a few blocks from the high school, hospital, football field, city park, and the downtown with a grocery store, several restaurants, movie theater, pharmacy, banks, and most any of the other daily conveniences a family needs.  The city will deed over a lot to an individual who agrees to build a house on the lot within an agreed upon amount of time meeting certain design guidelines. Lot sizes range from 12,000 to 35,000 square feet.

The link for all information on the program including the application, agreement, restrictions (i.e. design guidelines), and a site map is on the City of Lincoln’s website.  The general process for the program is:

  1. Complete an ‘Application to Purchase Sheppard Subdivision Property’ and return the application to the City of Lincoln;
  2. Upon review of application, the City of Lincoln will send an Agreement to applicant;
  3. Applicant sends 1) ‘Proof of Financial Means’ (lender’s pre-approval letter) or financial statement, and 2) floor plan/design of proposed home the applicant will construct;
  4. Execute Agreement with the City of Lincoln and include deposit ($.08 per square foot) for selected lot;
  5. City of Lincoln will send Agreement to Land Home Title for title insurance;
  6. Completion of deed process;
  7. Deposit refunded after all terms of the Agreement have been completed.

The subdivision does not have a homeowner’s association or any homeowner’s association fees.  There is a special tax assessment on all the lots (as expected in most any subdivision most anywhere); however, individuals may qualify for the Neighborhood Revitalization Program, providing a property tax rebate on the improvements made to the lot.

The lots are located at the east ends (cul de sacs) of Lost Street and School Street and are available for viewing anytime.  To discuss the lots, please stop by the Welcome Booth during the Lincoln County Real Estate Open House on June 8, 2019, from 9 a.m. to noon. that will be located at the Lincoln Art Center, 126 E Lincoln Ave., Lincoln, KS.

For more information, contact Kelly Larson at the Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation at 785-524-8954, or call the City of Lincoln at 785-524-4280.

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