Revolving Loan Fund

The Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) is a low-interest loan program to support the creation or expansion of businesses within the county.  The loan program can be used for property acquisition, purchasing a business, construction, gap financing, working capital, or purchasing of equipment or inventory.

The Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation (LCEDF) administers the loan which may be used in conjunction with a bank’s loan or as a stand-alone loan.  Loan terms are intended to be flexible to fit the needs of the business. The LCEDF can work with an applicant on the interest rate, length of loan, frequency of payments (i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc), and collateral.

Applications are reviewed and approved by the LCEDF Board of Trustees on a monthly basis.  If you have questions please contact the LCEDF.  The LCEDF office is located at 216 E. Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln, call 785-524-8954, or email



The USDA and the Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation are an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender.


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