The Lincoln Area Recreation Commission provides a variety of youth and adult recreation activities including youth soccer and baseball, adult Zumba classes, the Post Rock Classic Run/Walk, and much more.

The City of Lincoln is host to tennis courts, the city pool, and recreational vehicle hook-ups, all in the area of the city park, and a fenced, concrete full court basketball court at the western edge of Lincoln Avenue. To view information on the City of Lincoln’s facilities, please visit their website at

Every other municipality in the county also has a local park equipped with playground equipment, shelters, and green areas.

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More Parks/Rec News

  • On target – Local competitions, training help long-range shooters hone their skills For the shooting enthusiast, there’s nothing more exciting than hitting a target from a distance of more than five football fields away. At businesses like Spearpoint Ranch north of Lincoln, shooters have the opportunity to practice and hone their skills to make each shot. | Photo courtesy Spearpoint Ranch Continue reading » Read more...
  • Needed rains restore Wilson Lake A surge of moisture across the area in September filled Wilson Reservoir and other area lakes which only months earlier were dealing with the grim effects of a persistent drought. | Photo credit: Ryan Breeze Continue reading » Read more...
  • Clay hired as new Recreation Director After a short absence in Lincoln’s recreation department, officials have hired Jessica Clay as the new director just as the summer sports season is gearing up. Earlier this month, the Lincoln Recreation Commission hired Jessica Clay to replace Sarah Hageman, who resigned in January. Clay is the third director in the department’s eight-year history. Continue reading » Read more...
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