Outdoor Activities

Lincoln County is a great place to enjoy wide open spaces, big beautiful skies, sunsets, rolling hills, winding country roads, wildlife and outdoor sporting activities. Some of our attractions include:


Lincoln Golf Course

Golf Course 6-30-16 FRojas (2)

The Lincoln Golf Course features sand greens and beautiful rolling hills. (Photo by Fernando Rojas)

The Lincoln Golf Course is a 9-hole sand green course featuring an undulating layout with both uphill and downhill fairways and elevated tee-boxes. The course has recently undergone significant upgrades with members and volunteers improving tee-boxes, fairways, and greens.  The golf course’s club house is available for rent for private parties or family gatherings and features kitchen and bathroom facilities.  See their business directory listing here for more information.



Connie Achterberg Wildlife-Friendly Demonstration Farm

Connie Achterberg Wildlife Farm

The Connie Achterberg Wildlife Farm offers a quiet place to bird-watch. (Photo by Kris Heinze)

The demonstration farm is the newest addition to the Audubon of Kansas (AOK) sanctuaries. Located southwest of Lincoln, it consists of 240 acres with cultivated fields, prairie meadows, streams and woodlands. The AOK will utilize the property to demonstrate how land can be farmed but also be very good habitat for wildlife and native plants. Picnic tables have been placed in the southeast corner of the property on an overlook.  Be sure to bring binoculars to view various bird species.  For more information, and the story of Connie Achterberg’s farm, please visit the AOK’s website at:  http://www.audubonofkansas.org/sanctuaries/connie-atcherburg/



Gurley Marsh


The Gurley Salt Marsh is best viewed at the Highway 14 scenic overlook 10 miles north of Lincoln. (photo by Kris Heinze)

The Gurley Marsh is a natural wetland located in northern Lincoln County approximately where Highways 14 and 284 meet.  The area, locally referred to as ‘the salt marsh’, is home to a variety of wildlife of all sizes.  Recently, a pull-off stop was added along Highway 14 for visitors to get a closer look.



Wilson Lake

Wilson Lake is a state park that boasts the clearest waters in the state and one of the best mountain biking trails (yes, mountain biking trails!) in the Midwest. Located along the Post Rock Scenic Byway about 5 miles north of I-70, along K-232.  The reservoir features a rugged shoreline with scenic cliffs and rocky outcrops of natural limestone nestled in rolling hills of native prairie grasses.  The landscape is ideal for nature photographers, bird-enthusiasts, campers, hikers, water-skiers, boaters and outdoors-men of all skills and abilities.  The reservoir offers excellent fishing and 8,069 acres of public hunting areas.


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