New motel owner plans remodel

At 27, Jared Spear is still considered young, but as an entrepreneur, Spear is as experienced as they come.

In just under seven years Spear has developed his business into one of the most diverse in the region offering autobody and towing services, used vehicle sales, a laundromat, recreational vehicle hook up sites, Biggie Biggs pizza pub in partnership with Justin and Trish Miller, and now he’s added the Post Rock Motel to the long list of business interests he calls his own.

Previous owner Penny Stras put the motel on the market earlier this summer and Spear said he was interested immediately.

“Lincoln cannot do without a motel,” Spear said. “I was concerned what was going to happen when it did come up for sale, and I wanted to keep it local.”

Spear took over ownership of the motel August 18 and has since relocated to the personal residence there and put his house in Lincoln up for sale.

“The motel’s important to my business on many fronts,” Spear noted, mentioning specifically the need for overnight stays in the towing and recovery business.

Since taking over the motel less than a month ago Spear, his employees, and family have been hard at work improving the facility.

Sidewalks around the motel have been improved and expanded with new concrete, new windows and doors are being installed, and each room will be equipped with new furniture in the very near future.

“It’s getting a remodel,” Spear said.

He said efficient lighting was installed and a new property management system was added that will allow for online bookings.

And, the classic Post Rock Motel sign will be renovated to it’s original grandeur.

“That sign’s been there since 1951,” Spear said. “It will have the neon, fully functioning like it was.”

Spear said old pictures of the sign will be used to guide the renovation as new neon is installed and it’s painted to its original colors.

“It’s part of the nostalgia of the community,” Spear said.

Spear said he doesn’t anticipate a lull in business noting the motel has been full for the better part of a year because of work on the pipeline project, but even with that coming to an end other construction jobs and fall hunting seasons should keep the motel occupancy up through the winter.

Spear said it’s about keeping the community moving forward and helping Lincoln to avoid becoming a “dying town.”

“It all goes together to make Lincoln a prosperous community,” Spear said. “Being born and raised in Lincoln and coming back to Lincoln to live out the rest of my days I want Lincoln to be a thriving community.”

When asked if he anticipated developing such a wide range of business interests upon returning to his hometown after completing an AA in Business, Collision Refinishing, and Auto Upholstery at WyoTech in Laramie, Wyoming, in 2007, Spear said no.

“I’d never ever thought it would develop into the magnitude that is has,” Spear said. “Things have worked well for me.”

For Post Rock Motel booking information call (785) 524-4424.


Spear plans to renovate the Post Rock Motel sign adding new neon, which was removed by the previous owner. Spear also plans to return the sign to its original colors. (Photo by Tyler Gier)
Jared Spear is the new owner of the Post Rock Motel, and a remodel is under way. (Photo by Tyler Gier)