Meeting Recorder/Videographer

Post Rock Open Meetings Inc, (PROM) a Kansas non-profit corporation, is looking for independent contractors to record open governmental and non-profit meetings and special events in Lincoln County subject to availability. PROM is currently booking jobs for governmental meetings subject to the Kansas Open Meetings Act and will soon expand for groups who request their meetings or events to be recorded and published as funding allows. The independent contractor positions pay up to $30 per delivered recording, when the file meets our contracted specifications. If you don’t have suitable video and audio recording equipment, they can be rented for $1/day per meeting. We are establishing convenient pickup and drop off locations for equipment and SD card drop off If you are already attending a meeting and wish to do this as a volunteer, the equipment will be lended free of charge. PROM takes SD card provided media and renders and produces it for online viewing and makes them available via facebook, youtube, and our open meetings web site(s). PROM will also incorporate any 3rd party produced materials, agendas, brochures, meeting minutes or other media with the permission of the organization being recorded, or as allowed under the Kansas Open Records Act.

Post Rock Open Meetings Inc.
Mona Gerstmann
(785) 615-1049