Live Healthy Lincoln County

What is Live Healthy Lincoln County?

Live Healthy Lincoln County logoLive Healthy Lincoln County (LHLC) is a new coalition of organizations and businesses that are joining together to improve the health and well-being of our residents. Much of the coalition’s efforts are aimed at implementing projects to prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease and strokes along with encouraging physical activity and healthy eating.

The LHLC coalition was formed because Lincoln County is one of five north central Kansas counties with access to a sizable federal grant aimed at preventative health initiatives. The grant is from the Center for Disease Control, administered by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and facilitated locally by the Mitchell County Regional Medical Foundation in Beloit. The five counties are Lincoln, Mitchell, Jewell, Republic, and Smith.


Who is Involved:

The LHLC coalition is responsible for thinking creatively, prioritizing, planning, and implementing new and positive health initiatives in the county. Anybody can be a member of the coalition by simply being added to our monthly email list or becoming involved in specific projects. Organizations spearheading the coalition are the Lincoln County Health Department, Lincoln County Hospital, USD 298 (Lincoln Unified), USD 299 (Sylvan-Lucas Unified), Lincoln County Council on Aging, Post Rock District of K-State Research & Extension, Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation, and the Lincoln County Recreation Commission.

Please call Gaylene at (785) 524-4406 to be added to our monthly email list, monthly meetings are the third Tuesday of the month at the Lincoln Co. Health 1:30-2:30 p.m.

We welcome volunteers!  If you are interested in becoming a LHLC volunteer and become more involved, please contact us (see contact info below).


For more Information:

Contact: Sheri Suelter or Gaylene Zier

Phone: 785-524-4406 Fax: 785-524-5003


Address: 114 West Court Street , P.O. Box 187, Lincoln, Kansas 67455

Facebook Page:  Live Healthy Lincoln County

Upcoming LHLC Projects:

****ATTENTION: Lincoln County Residents****The Strategic Doing Trails Group of Lincoln County is actively seeking any & all project ideas that promote active transport/active healthy living. Such as: active transport–greater connectivity within Lincoln County for walking, hiking, nature trails, pedestrian, biking, cycling or promotes active living within Lincoln County. The Strategic Doing Trails Group of Lincoln County is actively working towards a master plan for an active transport grant that would create walking trails within Sylvan Grove, Barnard & Lincoln, KS. We also welcome representatives and ideas from Beverly, KS also. This effort not only promotes healthy, active living for Lincoln County by reducing obesity & chronic disease (diabetes, heart disease, etc.…) but also adds to the amenities of living within Lincoln County. If you have an idea and would be willing to “champion”/lead contact for the project you’re presenting for Lincoln County that promotes/supports healthy, active living/active transport, we would welcome your idea by March 9, 2018. Please comment below or private message your ideas to either Jessica Clay or Gaylene Zier. If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Clay at or Gaylene Zier, Grant Coordinator, Live Lincoln County (LHLC), or via private message on Facebook. Do we have ideas? Yes, we do, but we want YOUR public ideas and input for Active healthy living and active transport within Lincoln County, YOUR ideas matter also.

On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 11:15 a.m., Live Healthy Lincoln County (LHLC) Registered Dietitian Nutritionist will provide FREE general information, answer questions and provide information about National Nutrition Month and Diabetic Diet, completing the three-part series on nutrition education at the Lincoln Senior Center, please join us on for a delicious, nutritious meal or on your lunch break take a meal to go. Gift certificates available for Senior Meals and make a great gift! Thank-you Becky Rathbun & Lincoln Senior Center for hosting this event!

Lincoln County Trails Project/Strategic Doing Trails Group–Planning of the Lincoln/Sylvan Grove/Barnard Trails continues into 2018 via Strategic Doing Trails Group that meets every second Wednesday at 7p.m. , at the Lincoln Co. Health Dept. Conference Room.  If you are interested you are welcome to join this health initiative.  Representatives from each area, including Live Healthy Lincoln County (LHLC) , Lincoln Economic Development & Lincoln Rec. Dept. in this health initiative for making Lincoln County a healthier and safer place to stay healthy.  If you would like to join our Trails Team, our next meeting is March 22, 2018 at 7 p.m. at the Lincoln County Health Dept., Lincoln, KS.  If you have questions, feel free to call Gaylene, (785) 524-4406, Live Healthy Lincoln County, Lincoln County Health Dept.

Live Healthy Lincoln County Trail with USD 298–Live Healthy Lincoln County met in December of 2016 with a Landscape Architect from the area to discuss trail options.  In January 2017, Live Healthy Lincoln County kicked off 2017 with updates and discussion of the Trails Project with recommendations of the Landscape Architect.  In February 2017–maps of trail paths for connectivity were provided to the Live Healthy Lincoln County Coalition to review as potential trail options & continue to work with USD 298 Board of Education (BOE) with placement options of the trail near the LJSHS (High School).  Checkout Trail Options at the via your personal computer or smartphone apps available on Android (Google Play Store) or iPhone (App Store).  The only erroneous aspect of the below potential trail options (goal–connect City Park to Soccer fields–behind the LSJHS USD 298 School–from city park through Soccer fields to North Street vs. K-18), as the app will not “trail” sidewalks/roadways not yet created.

Route 1–2 mile walk/loop  Check out this map on MapMyWalk: 1.96 mi Route 1–2 mile loop

Distance: 1.96 mi

 Check out this map on MapMyWalk: 2.15 mi Route 2–1st st & Soccer Fields

Distance: 2.15 mi

November 2017 Update:  This Trail project is tabled for six months to a year.  Live Healthy Lincoln County looks forward to assisting Lincoln USD 298 with this health initiative in the future.

Lincoln Center Kansas Walking Clubs/Walk Kansas 2018–LHLC is assisting and partnering with KSU Nutrition Extension, Lincoln County in forming local Lincoln Walking Clubs due to interest in March 2018! Additional info will be forthcoming.  If you are interested in participating or becoming a contact leader for a walking club, please contact Gaylene Zier-Ryan, R.D.N., LD for additional information at the Lincoln Co. Health Dept.  at (785) 524-4406 or Ashley Svaty, Extension Agent, Nutrition, Food Safety and Health, Post Rock District #1, (785) 524-4432, Lincoln Co. Courthouse.


Farm Food Policy Council–LHLC is one of two Lincoln Center Kansas representatives via Doug McKinney, NCK Regional Planning Commission in Beloit, Kansas.  The goal of the coalition is to:

·       Be a local level advisory council to Kansas Food and Farm Task Force, to local elected officials and to North Central Regional Planning Commission Executive Board. 

·       Conduct Food System Assessments

·       Authorize Other Needs via Research

·       Support and possibly assist with Food Hub Developments

·       Encourage Nutritious Food Access for Food Insecure Residents

·       Seek Funding for Projects, as applicable

The Farm Food Council consists of:

·       Specialty Crop Producers

·       Food Educator(s)

·       Food Distributor(s)

·       Mass Consumers & Preparer(s)

·       Retailer(s) & Wholesaler(s)

·       Advocator(s)

·       Farmers Market Coordinator(s)

Health Professional(s)

·       Decision- Maker(s)

Additional info will be forthcoming in 2018.

North Central Kansas Food Council

NCK Food Council Receives Funding for Food Assessment

NCK Food Council Facebook Page:

Other Coming Events:

*3-Part Nutrition Education Series at the Lincoln Sr. Center, 11:15 a.m.-11:45 a.m. January 30, 2018-Nutrition Label Reading, February (Heart Month), 12th,  2018-DASH Diet and March (National Nutrition Month), 6th,  2018–Diabetic Diet.  This series will help separate fact from fiction, provide guidelines, read Nutrition labels and help you meet your dietary guidelines.  Please consult your Physician for any health changes you make to your diet.  The Lincoln Senior Center provides hot, nutritional and delicious meals Monday through Friday, see March 2018 Menu below.


*Chronic Disease Self-Management Class–Thursdays–March 20-April 24th–FREE 6 week workshop series to assist in controlling symptoms and management on a daily basis of chronic diseases (high blood pressure, heart disease, breathing disorders or other) at the Lincoln County Hospital, Basement Meeting Room, Lincoln, KS.  Please call the Lincoln County Health Dept. for more questions at:  (785) 524-4406.  Registration due by March 15, 2018.

Kick Butts Day—Live Healthy Lincoln County, Gaylene Zier, R.D.N., L.D., Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Elizabeth Sheldon, R.N. School Nurse for USD 298/USD 299 will present “Airing Out Big Tobacco’s Dirty Laundry” and provide resources from KanQuit ( and ResistTobacco (, in addition to prizes, t-shirts, water bottles, etc… via Live Healthy Lincoln County, a health coalition located within Lincoln Co. Health Dept., Lincoln, KS 67455. This event will take place: March 22nd, 2018 at 11:30 a.m.-12:30 a.m. Displays and handouts will also be available.

Poker Walk—April 20, 2018, at 11:30 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. at Live Healthy Lincoln County will co-sponsor with Ashley Svaty, KSU Foods and Nutrition Extension a health/wellness initiative, the Poker Walk.  See more info at the following link  (







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