Leadership Lincoln County

Leadership Lincoln CountyLeadership Lincoln County Leadership Lincoln County Leadership Lincoln County The Leadership Lincoln County program is now accepting applications from individuals interested in increasing their understanding of our local assets, opportunities and challenges.  The program takes participants ‘behind the scenes’ of local government, businesses and community projects and offers various points of view on issues and ideas.


Eligible Participants:  Any county resident or high school student


Schedule:  September through April (no meeting in December), meeting the third Thursday of each month from approx. 8am – 5pm.


Program Highlights:  True Colors personality profile, tours to local businesses, in-depth conversations with various elected officials and directors of key organizations, tours of other communities in the region to showcase their approach to similar challenges and new ideas for success, field trip to Topeka and the state capital, implementing and completing a community project the participants see as important to the county.


Information Flyer:



  • $100 for individuals – May be covered through a sponsorship from your employer.  Tuition covers all transportation, food and program costs.  Due after an individual is accepted into the program and before the first class.
  • $50 for students – The school district assisting with transportation will have tuition waived for their students.




Deadline for Applications:  August 15, 2018 – Please submit completed applications by drop off, mail or email to either:

  • Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce, 144 East Lincoln Avenue, Lincoln, KS 67455, lcoc137@sbcglobal.net
  • Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation, 216 E. Lincoln Avenue, Lincoln, KS (basement of the courthouse), LcedfDirector@Outlook.com


Additional Information & Contacts: