HR Supervisor/Safety Officer

Administer and communicate company policies, procedures, practices and programs in collaboration with Woodlake HR. Provide advice and direction to local personnel in areas regarding company policies and procedures; local, state and federal laws. Maintain up-to-date information on employee handbooks, company policies, laws and regulations affecting the workplace.

Collaborates with Woodlake HR/Payroll function on payroll issues and practices. Prepares and processes payroll according to requirements and schedule. Process a variety of paperwork such as, insurance forms, changes in employee status, pay increases etc., in accordance with specific instruction, procedure, policy guidelines and strict timelines. Assists local management in understanding and complying with payroll issues and responsibilities.

Train and maintain a safety program in support of company policy. Educate and develop plant personnel through materials, coaching/counseling, formalized teaching and support. Identify and make recommendations for correction and compliance through periodic inspections. Assist investigating accidents and close-call incidents. Continue to develop safety specialists within the plant through formal and informal contact, participation and training. Continue to encourage a strong safety culture through demonstration and encouraging management and hourly involvement.

Develop, conduct and / or arrange training sessions of general and specialized nature. Prepare tools, materials and communicate requirements, agendas and timing of events. Recommends self-study, assists with on-the-job training, company provided and external training and development opportunities to management and employees. Participates in meetings – safety, quality, staff and recognition events. Represent company at regulatory hearings, investigations and legal proceedings as needed – OSHA, EEOC, Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment.

Audit, monitor and document safety compliance in areas of OSHA regulations, uniform hazardous waste, air pollution control, backflow prevention, storm water testing, business plan, vessel permitting, and SDS. Represent the company well during all dealing and inspections. Coordinate efforts with inspectors and support personnel at plant location. Provide or coordinate training and document / file according to company procedures, State and Federal regulations.

Administers health and welfare programs, including new hire and open enrollments, qualifying event changes and terminations in collaboration with Woodlake HR. Will assist with disability, Worker’s compensation, unemployment and safety programs. Ensure proper record-keeping, deductions, claims resolution and communicating benefit information and eligibility.

US Tower
Kim White
HR Supervisor/Safety Officer
(785) 524-9966