TALK Lincoln County: A Discussion on the Topic of Immigration

November 13, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:45 pm
Vesper Community Center
1247 N. 120th Rd
KS 67455
Greg Stephens
(785) 819-6887
TALK Lincoln County: A Discussion on the Topic of Immigration @ Vesper Community Center

TALK Lincoln County: A Lincoln County Discussion on the Topic of Immigration
Lincoln County is the location for a national discussion, Tuesday, November 13, at Vesper, starting at 7 p.m. All invited.

The event will be facilitated by Kansas State University Polytechnic faculty, students and other volunteers. There is no cost or registration requirement.

Immigration is one of the most important issues affecting virtually every American, directly or indirectly, often in deeply personal ways. The TALK Lincoln County event will explore three options related to the topic “Coming to America”. Who Should We Welcome? What Should We Do? These options are:

Option 1: Welcome Immigrants, Be a Beacon of Freedom
This option says that immigration has helped make America what it is today- a dynamic and diverse culture, an engine of the global economy, and a beacon of freedom around the world.

Option 2: Enforce the Law, Be Fair to Those Who Follow the Rules
This option says we need a fair system, where the rules are clear and, above all, enforced. With an estimated 11 million people living in the country illegally, our current system is unjust and uncontrolled.

Option 3: Slow Down and Rebuild Our Common Bonds
This option recognizes that newcomers have strengthened American culture in the past. But the current levels of immigration are so high, and the country is now so diverse, that we must regain our sense of national purpose and identity.

The discussion event is sponsored by the National Issues Forum Institute (NIFI) and the Kettering Foundation which is a US-based non-partisan, nationwide network of civic, educational, and other organizations and individuals who conduct serious public discussion, public forums and training in multiple communities.

For more information contact Greg Stephens at, or call 785-819-6887

Everyone is invited to the county-wide discussion including both individuals and organizations.