Economic Development

The Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation (LCEDF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the economic and lifestyle opportunities for all county residents and businesses. The LCEDF assists individuals looking to grow their business or take advantage of business opportunities and also administers several incentive programs such as a low-interest loan program and a grant program. The LCEDF collaborates with local governments, community organizations, and volunteers on important issues such as improving housing opportunities, developing travel and tourism into the county, and attracting and retaining youth to the county.


Board of Trustees
The LCEDF is managed by a Board of Trustees. Meetings of the board are open to the public so residents and stakeholders have an opportunity to learn about ongoing economic development efforts and provide input on discussions. The Board of Trustees is made of representatives from across the county.  Please see the ‘organization document’ section below for a map of the trustees’ districts.

  • District 1: David Dohe
  • District 2: Barb Rathbun – Secretary/Treasurer
  • District 3: Tim Meier – Vice President
  • District 4: Craig Stertz
  • District 5: Alfred Aufdemberge – President
  • District 6: Chad Walter
  • District 7: Ronda Mishler


Meeting Schedule

  • Typically the second Wednesday of the month at 5:00pm in the Lincoln County Courthouse (basement meeting room).  If you plan to attend a meeting, please consider calling beforehand to confirm the month’s meeting time.




Office Information

  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm
  • Address: 216 E. Lincoln Avenue, Lincoln, KS 67455
  • Phone: 785-524-8954


Organization Documents


The USDA and the LCEDF are an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender.


Seeking Housing for Summer Interns

The Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation (LCEDF) is seeking housing for two college interns this summer.  In order to evaluate the options, the LCEDF requests any property owner, with a house or apartment meeting the following criteria, complete the form below and submit it for consideration.  All submissions will be reviewed by the LCEDF to determine the most appropriate option for the interns.  A site visit of the house or apartment will be required. Submit form by mail to the LCEDF, 216 E Lincoln Ave., Lincoln, KS  67455 or email form to  Deadline for submissions:  Monday, April 10, 2017 by 4:30pm


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