Certified Nursing Assistant-Day Shift Position

Lincoln County Hospital is seeking a Certified Nursing Assistant at our 14-bed Critical Access Hospital, who has a passion providing the highest quality of care with compassion and integrity.

Provides direct and indirect patient care activities under direct supervision from the RN and LPN. Assist patients with activities of daily living, providing for the personal care, comfort, and assistance when necessary.

Neonate, child, adolescent, adult and geriatric.

-Maintains established departmental policies and procedures, objectives, quality improvement, safety, environmental and infection control standards
-Performs basic nursing procedures, including the collection of lab specimens, thermal applications, non-sterile soaks, application of simple dressings, enemas, and douches
-Obtains and documents patient vital signs, including temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiration, weight, intake, and output. Reports abnormal results to charge nurse
-Assists in admission, transfer and dismissal procedures of the patient
-Provides personal care assistance to patients including bathing, skin care, peri-care, oral care, hair and nail care, grooming, dressing, and eating
-Places call light within patient reach at all times and answers lights promptly
-Observes and reports to charge nurse any potential problems or significant change in patient condition
-Maintains clean and orderly patient rooms, shower rooms, and work areas. Cleans equipment such as wheelchairs, commodes, and Geri-chairs
-Cares for personal belongings, such as clothing, dentures, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and prostheses
-Meets nutritional needs by passing trays, ice water, nourishment; assists in feeding; uses adaptive equipment; monitors trays
-Participates in bowel/bladder and toileting programs, and cares for urinary drainage equipment.
-Assists with ambulation, exercise, range-of-motion, transfers, and transportation using assistive devices, gait belts, wheelchairs, and lifts
-Prevents contracture and skin breakdown by proper body alignment, turning, positioning and use of special aids
-Meets safety needs as evidenced by reporting environmental hazards, properly utilizes side rails and follows oxygen safety rules
-Maintains patient documentation as outlined by hospital policy
-Maintains confidentiality of all patient and hospital personnel data
-Demonstrates sensitivity to patient comfort and privacy
-Participates in educational programs and in-service meetings as required
-Participates in orienting new personnel

-Consistently treats all patients and visitors with kindness, sensitivity, and consideration
-Demonstrates a positive, cooperative, supportive attitude toward co-workers, other departments, administration, and physicians and exhibits loyalty to the hospital team
-Demonstrates the ability to respond and set priorities with a changing workload due to census fluctuation and emergency situations
-Can be depended upon to follow instructions and carry out assignments efficiently and effectively
-Takes initiative in recognizing work to be done and does it without direction
-Demonstrates flexibility by adapting to change and learning new skills
-Admits mistakes and learns from them
-Demonstrates minimal absences and tardiness

-Manages time effectively as evidenced by:
–Minimal non-productive time while on duty
–Minimal abuse of breaks (includes out to smoke breaks)
–Completes assignment on time
–Limits use of overtime
-Demonstrates the willingness to work where and when needed
-Does not use profanity.
-Is personally neat and clean as evidenced by:
–Good body hygiene
–Clean and non-revealing uniforms
–Covers tattoos (when applicable)
–Long hair tied back behind shoulders
–Nails short and clean
–No large or dangling jewelry

Lincoln County Hospital
Christa Haesemeyer
Chief Nursing Officer
(785) 524-4403