Crispin’s Drug Store Museum

Crispin MuseumJack Crispin, a long-time pharmacist who owned and operated Crispin Pharmacy in Lincoln for many years, opened Crispin’s Drug Store Museum in 2007. The museum, which is brimming with Crispin’s vast pharmacy artifacts collection, recreates the drugstore atmosphere at the turn of the 20th Century when pharmacists were transitioning from preparing ingredients and products from seeds, barks and roots to buying prepared ingredients and products. The museum displays both drug ingredients and manufactured drugs. Jack’s description of the displays and vast knowledge of the history of pharmaceuticals makes a visit to the museum a must. Both museums are open by appointment, or if you’re lucky enough to catch Jack or Kathie at home. For more information visit their websites at or

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161 East Lincoln Avenue
Lincoln, Kansas 67455 

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